Purpose of Lab.

To foster engineering professionals in IT field with

- internationally competing power

- independent research ability

- collaborative attutude in team work

- teaching capability and leadership

- politeness, modesty, influence, and loyalty

Research Areas


- Fingerprint, Face, Iris recognition

- Performance evaluation of sensors and algorithms

- Standardization: ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC37, ITU-T/SG17/WP2/Q.8

Autonomous Mobile Robots

- Object & environment recognition

Remotely-sensed Image Processing

- Hyper-spectral image processing

Automated Optical Inspection

- PCB defect inspection

- Parallel image processing

Unmanned Vehicle Navigation

- Real-time lane and traffic light detection

- Low-light/Thermal image processing for night vision

- Approaching car detection using omni-directional camera

Video-based Surveillance

- Optimization of camera deployment

- Automatic targeting and zooming

Medical Image Processing

- MR and CT image processing

- X-ray or Ultrasonic image processing